TS Police Telephone Directory

TS Police Telephone Directory is provided here   If they want to know about the TS Police Telephone Directory 2020 or Helpline number can check our web page. The police department will be governed by the government of our country. It is available in each state. And there are huge postings are available in the police department.

TS Police Telephone Directory

TS Police Telephone DirectoryNow, we are going to discuss the Telangana police department. As like other states, this Telangana state also has the control over their state. This police department will take charge for the cities located inside the Telangana. They are servicing Fort people to make a state peace and happy.

<<<<TS Police Telephone Directory>>>>

Now, there are many police stations are available in the Telangana state. Due to this reasons, many people get confused when they are in need of help. In order to avoid this situation, the Police Department has announced the TS Police Telephone Directory and the contact numbers to the public. It is nothing but the telephone number which is helpful to contact the police department easily.

TS Police Helpline Numbers contact numbers

This is an important thing to be noted by the public who are living in the Telangana state. If they want to know about the TS Police Telephone Directory, they can look after the official website, www.tspolice.gov.in. The helpline numbers will be different for each department.

So, they have to know about the details regarding the TS Police Helpline Numbers. The helpline numbers for the Telangana state are as follows. It is available on the official website. Let us discuss the steps to get the telephone directory of each department.

  • Log in to the official website which is mentioned above.
  • Select the telephone directory link.
  • There you can get TS Police Telephone Directory.
  • Do not forget to download the telephone numbers.
  • Save the file as PDF format.

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TS Police Telephone Directory 2020

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